At the heart of the mosaic of materials, fish leather flashes the beauty of its scales. An innovative, ethical and sustainable material, fish leather reflects the high quality standards and environmental consciousness of ISADORA LIMARE creations.

The designer is committed to breaking new ground, offering women a modern brand that believes urban fashion can be responsible fashion. 


Isadora Limare_Leather.jpg


For her collection PRYSM and MINI PRYSM, ISADORA LIMARE uses three fish leathers, salmon, Nile perch and wolfish.

Salmon leather : classic and eclectic

Wolfish leather : soft and mottled

Perch leather : bold and textured

Sustainable, fine and flexible...

Despite its delicate appearance, fish leather is extremely solid. In fact, its interwoven fibres provide greater strength than those of other leathers. 

Unique and surprising...

No two pieces are alike. Slight unevenness of colour or shape due to their natural origin, makes each piece unique. 

The finish given to fish leather provides a chic, glamorous and original look.